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if you feel "stuck" in life & want to break free to completely new levels of performance & achievement...
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Your Instructor: Super Bowl Champion & Global Speaker & Trainer Setema Gali. 
Growing up on the football field, my entire life revolved around preparing for and playing in a season. When I found myself out of football and in the business world, I found myself empty and unhappy. 

Then I discovered that I could play the game of business, and even the game of life, just like I played the game of football. It changed everything for me.

My mortgage business wasn't set up like a season. It was just an endless daily grind with no purpose except to close deals and make money. That gets old quick, no matter how much money you're making. I know because I was making a lot. 
Then I lost everything and had to start over. I found myself knocking doors. It was so much harder, but suddenly I was on fire again! Absolutely crushing it ever single day. Why? 

Because knocking doors had a season. It felt just like football. It all made sense to me and I felt like a kid again. Happy, full of dreams, and hope. Everybody noticed the change in me - especially my wife and kids. 
Seasons in sports have incredible power because they take chaos and give it purpose. Instead of the endless grind, you have a pre-season, regular season, playoffs/tournament and a championship. Every season has a clear purpose - to win a championship. Business can be the same way. 

Before, I was making millions of dollars and I was miserable.  Now, I'm making millions of dollars and I absolutely love my life. The difference? Playing the game of life like I used to play football.

Full out and inside of a season. 
Seasons in sports have incredible power because they take chaos and give it purpose. Instead of the endless grind, you have a pre-season, regular season, playoffs/tournament and a championship. Every season has a clear purpose - to win a championship. Business can be the same way. 

Before, I was making millions of dollars and I was miserable.  Now, I'm making millions of dollars and I absolutely love my life. The difference? Playing the game of life like I used to play football.

Full out and inside of a season. 
There is an exact science for creating massive results (results that matter) as a modern-day entrepreneur. That science is called "The Season." 
It's 13 years of high-performance coaching distilled down into a way of living that literally breeds champions.

30-year, 10 year, 3 year, 12 months, 12 week, 1 weekly, daily actions. Step-by-step. Every action designed purposefully to lead into the next. Consistent action leading to massive momentum, energy, and personal fulfillment in the daily work. 
approx time to complete - 12 minutes 20 seconds
inside "The Champions Huddle" we live this every day
The Champions Huddle is not about Information. It's about TRANSFORMATION. The reason so many entrepreneurs were so happy playing sports, martial arts, military, etc. is because they were doing something that really mattered. AND... they were doing it with a team. 

Most entrepreneurs have a weak team around them, if they have any team at all. Little to no accountability. Negative energy. No systems for recruiting, training, and performance evaluation. Time sucking questions and tasks. Too much sucking up and trying to get ahead, and not nearly enough going all out for a common cause. 

Like a football team without a leader, results are all over the place. Great games followed by chokes and blowouts. Good times. Bad times. Up years. Down years. Success eroding back to failure. Tides just coming in and going out. 
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are you ready to stop the insanity before it's too late?
You don't need to understand everything in the chart above. The only things that matters to you right now is that some day (sooner than you think) you're going to end up on the far-right edge of the chart. 

The cycle will stop AND... you'll either find yourself on top with Success, Creation, & Vitality (happiness and life energy) or on bottom with Failure, Destruction, and Death. 

I wish I was joking or being dramatic here but I'm not. I've had the sad opportunity to see men and women literally kill themselves with these destructive behaviors. Most don't do it intentionally. 

They just make the tragic mistake of thinking they'll always have more time. This is fatal thinking. Those second-chances will run out. 
  • What will you do when your health fails for good?
  • What will you do when your spouse finally just leaves? 
  • ​What will you do when your child tells you they're done with the lies and disappointments and they don't want you in their life.
I've seen it happen to so many entrepreneurs. Nobody intends to go down this path. Yet so many find themselves too far down to make it over home again. 

This is NOT Your Story.
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The Champions Huddle is waiting for you. Come play for my team for a year and see for yourself what life is really like when you finally get off the roller-coaster and start deliberately and scientifically building the life you've always wanted. 

It's possible. We'll help you do it. Join us now. 
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The champions huddle
After rebuilding my inner champion - and my bank account - knocking doors, it was time for me to go all in and live my greatest calling. Live true to the calling that I had had in my heart since I was 15 years old. That is to be a coach.
I started training high-performing entrepreneurs and CEOs just like myself. Over the past 9 years I've coached 7 & 8 figure business owners to completely re-design and re-define what success looks like in their lives. Hundreds of millions of dollars made. Teams built. Lives and marriages saved. All with the power of elite coaching. 

Now over a hundred live events and group coaching pods later, my team and I have perfected the Art and Science of helping entrepreneurs reconnect with their purpose, and passion.
And we do it all inside a private group of entrepreneurs called... "The Huddle." 
Prior to the Champions Huddle, the only way to get access to these tools and systems was to invest $10,000 to come to one of my 4-day Live Events called Immersion. Thousands and thousands of men and thousands and thousands of women have applied to come to immersion and less than 250 have been accepted.
The only people that have had the opportunity to work with me personally  for a year's time have been my Private Client group with a ticket price of $35,000 for the year. 

I created the Champions Huddle specifically so that every entrepreneur could work with me and be a part of my team.  
I'm committed to helping every man or woman who once felt that fire but somehow became lost and disconnected from that inner drive could rebuild their Inner Champion just like I did that first summer out there knocking doors. 
I had to go knock doors to rebuild myself. You don't need to do that. You can have success starting right where you are and starting right now. I had to throw everything away, give up my business, risk my marriage and my health so that I could completely rebuild my life. I had to do that because I didn't have access to these tools and the systems back then. I was just cutting my way to the Jungle with a machete anyway I could.
3You don't have to do that. You can take all the momentum that you've built in your current career and plug all of that success into the Champions huddle, into living again inside of a season, and into all of the frameworks, the systems, the protocols that we live by everyday inside the Champions Huddle.

And you can get it right now - all for $97 per month.
The REAL COST IS THE cost of Staying Where You ARe
The real question is how much is it going to cost you to do nothing? How much is it costing your family for you to show up the way you are right now - bored, possibly addicted, stressed out, distant, head always somewhere else, tired and unable to spend dedicated time being present with your spouse or kids.

What's it costing them?

What's it going to cost you in your physical health if you stay on the same path you are right now for another two years? I've been there before. Entrepreneurial stress is like toxic poison to your body, to your energy, and to your immune system.

If you don't take control and reconnect your daily work and grind with purpose and passion, your body will suffer and eventually it will break down. Maybe it already has. The cost to join The Champions Huddle is literally nothing compared to staying stuck.

Would you pay $97 to permanently get "unstuck" and begin living full out to your highest level of potential and performance? 

Of course you would. So stop settling for the "default" life you've been living and make the decision to invest in yourself now.
  • The Network: Have the opportunity to network with LIKE minded people, post your questions, and have access to a group growing with experts in all areas
  • Live Coaching calls with Setema and the team: I do a live 60 minute call once a week inside the group. The weekly trainings will push you to move forward in your goals. Come prepared every week 
  • ​Over 200 HOURS of training in "The Vault":  elite-level training on business, fitness, relationships, mental clarity, spirituality, marketing, sales, and more, that you have access to 24/7
  • ​The BLUEPRINT: the exact system to guide you to reach your physical, relational, spiritual and financial goals 
  • The SYSTEMS and PROCESSES to truly change your way of living, your belief system to reach your goals
  • ​VIP Access to Huddle Live events that we host once per year at our HQ in Destin, Florida. This is exclusive to huddle members only
My Very Special Invitation To YOU!
From The Desk Of Setema Gali
Orange County, CA
If you are an entrepreneur, agent, advisor, attorney, broker, sales producer or small-business owner, this message is for you. I created the Champions Huddle just for you. 

This is my personal invitation for you to join us inside The Champions Huddle as we unlock new worlds of Prosperity in your life.
The Champions Huddle will show you how to "Win It All" as a Champion in business and life.

Can't wait to see you in the group.

"I've never been around a coach like Setema."

"I've been around coaching and coaches for the past 15 years and this by far has been the MOST IMPACTFUL AND INFLUENTIAL in my entire life. Our income from new business has skyrocketed and my marriage and family has never been better.

This has truly been the best investment for me, my business and my marriage."

-Kenneth Travis, Next Level Loan Officers

"Nobody was posturing or pretending."

Nobody was posturing or pretending. Everybody was real about where they were. Everybody cared about everyone else in the group. Life can be hard, but it’s so much easier with the right group of guys around you.

This is exactly the system and the group of people I've been looking for for the last 3 years." 
 - Jacob Zimmerman, Real Estate Agent

"All of the confusion & complexity is gone."

"I’ve always struggled with how to get my business and my marriage and family together. It always felt like I had to sacrifice one for the other. 

Now I have a system. And I can trust it. I can go home with the steps that I need to really achieve the life I want. All of the confusion and complexity is gone."

- Andrew Schultz, Marketing Consultant

"Straightforward, direct and unafraid"

"So many calls, so much content and so direct to my heart.  This has been one of the greatest things I've done to advance my personal life and my professional life...

... Setema Gali Jr. is right "addicted to the struggle " is a choice. The process is easy you have to just do it. 

I did the process tonight on a subject I just didn't want to FACE and that I've avoided for a long time. What a game-changer for me. Thank you so much Setema for your direct, kind and loving coaching. It sometimes stings and hurts but it is so worth it."

- Serena Flowers, Coachella

"Working with Setema is real, raw, and relevant."

 "I am amazed at how many situations he helps people with on the Huddle calls. He lives with power and you can feel it in the messages and principles he delivers. The assignments he invites you to complete are specifically targeted to help you reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible. 

We each want big goals and dreams. It requires a lot of work and coming out of your comfort zone. Be prepared to fail as you reach high, and be ready knowing Setema and the Huddle will be there to help you get on track again."

-Josh Garcia, Emotion Code Specialist


"I was able to launch my program with Setema's help and create more income through what I learned in the Huddle. Setema is real, authentic and genuine in his approach on the calls. 

Grateful for the help I received to transform lives and give new perspective as a coach. Grateful for Setema being deliberate and not overbearing which allows me to make the world a better place… thank you Setema and Huddle!!!"

- Randall Scott - Zenpowerment

"The Huddle has been a great blessing to me."

"I have learned from other people’s shares and their hot seats. I’ve personally been able to ask questions and receive insight and guidance from Setema and Nate. I love the accountability. It’s like having a Goals Partner. We check in every week. I also appreciate access to the Coaches Corner. I can go watch old recordings if I miss the live calls.... 

...😉My most favorite part..... are the discounts the Huddle Members receive for the ProLive Even and Shield Maiden Live Events. These LIVE events literally got me moving in high gear. It was also great meeting some of the people from the Huddle in person. I feel so blessed to learn about this experience."

- Onyx Jones, Relationship Coach and Author

"I was completely out of balance."

"Before working with Setema, I was at my kids events and balls games. I even coached them for years. But I wasn't ever truly present. I hate not being present and not being a greater husband and father.

Being a wealthy man isn’t just about money. It’s about being wealthy in my relationship with my kids and my wife. Those are the things I really want the most.  Setema has changed my life, my marriage and my whole trajectory of the road I have been on for so long. Work with Setema and get to work. It'll be one of the best investments you ever make."

- Steve Cloward, Satellite TV Retailer

"The Huddle= Valuable Tools."

Through this group I am able to collapse time by learning through other members questions, shares and experiences. This is valuable to me because I’m working to create a life of joy and abundance and there is nothing more precious to me than this pursuit. Access to additional training videos and coaching by Setema keeps me focused and able to implement and expand my tool sets. Accountability and coaching during my Seasons helps me stay motivated productive and engaged. I’m so grateful to run in this circle, with powerful people. I feel blessed ESD as I create my life beautifully and draw upon the coaching, support, love, honesty and content provided within the HUDDLE. #ALLin

-Danielle Gilmore

"The Huddle keeps me focus on what matters."

Doing whats required is making a big difference in my life. Having that face time with Coach Setema twice a month really helps. It creates clarity and more commitment to the process for me. Everyone needs a coach and a group to keep you accountable. The Huddle provides both and so much more. Love the Huddle! Lets go!

- Will Spitzenburg, Engineer, Health and Fitness Coach

"Something inside me urged me to take the big step and INVEST IN YOURSELF"

I was extremely skeptical about the contents and structure of the Huddle and "IF" it can actually make a difference. I have never invested in a program like this and something inside me urged me to take the big step and INVEST IN YOURSELF - for the first time in my life, and so I did. Since the joining the Huddle, my beliefs have been challenged and changed, my results have changed and my foundation has changed forever. Everything about my life is better, my relationship with my wife, my relationship with my children, my businesses, my connection with God and my connection with myself has all changed for the better - This program has truly changed my life. The Huddle has been the single greatest investment of my life. 

This is not just a feel good same old, same old regurgitating of crap and calling it unique. It's a specific program geared to one thing - creating you powerfully in all aspects of you life - not just financially. If you truly desire to make REAL changes and have the commitment to do whatever it takes to make REAL changes, then the Huddle is for you. If you're looking for a bunch of hyperbole and platitudes that are only designed to make you "feel good" without putting in REAL work - save your money this is not the place for you. #ALLin 

-Justus Gilmore, Mortgage Advisor

"Men get stuck."

We get stuck in our marriages. We get stuck in our businesses and we get stuck in our identities. When we get stuck, we lack clarity and no matter how fast and hard we are used to driving the ship, when we get stuck, we find frustration and boredom. And this is one of the most dangerous places for a business man to be in. But when you sit in front of Setema and lay it all out, something happens that blows your mind in 30 minutes. The troubles you brought to the table to get fixed, will not be the same trouble you walk away with. Often we would bring a business challenge to Setema. Then we would walk away realizing that he ignored the business question because he found the answer in the blocks in our relationships. Or the blocks in our spirituality. We all work hard and often bang our heads against the wall. Setema pulls your head back, turns it another direction and points you in a completely different direction. And it will blow you away. If you want your life blown and changed within 30 minutes, sit in front of Setema and watch how your life booms forward.

- Cliff Latham, IronMan and Gym Owner
This is your defining moment.
The decision is here.
Setema Gali Jr.
speaker, trainer, coach
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